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Lyrics is an important part of every song, and most players can display lyrics while playing the corresponding song. But where do they take the text?

Free Lyrics Finder is an absolutely free program that will download lyrics from the internet and save it to your music files. It supports all popular audio formats, including MP3, FLAC, APE, and many others. Most music formats reserve a special field for lyrics in their meta information area (also known as music tags, ID3 tags, MP3 tags, FLAC tags, etc.). Thus you can save lyrics within the same file that contains audio information. Later, when you play the file in your favorite software or hardware player, you can choose to display lyrics by pressing a button, a hotkey combination, or setting up the player so that it shows lyrics by default.

This convenient feature will only work if your song files contain the texts. However, when you grab Audio CD tracks or download MP3 from the internet, you get music files with their lyrics field empty. Free Lyrics Finder will automatically find lyrics for your songs on the internet, saving it to the special field in the corresponding format.

Open a folder containing music files in the program, and the lyrics downloader will highlight your files with different colors: green for files with tags and lyrics, white for songs with tags and without lyrics, red for music files without any tags (the colors can be adjusted in the "Settings" menu). You can easily hide files containing lyrics, then select all remaining files and hit the "Find lyrics" button. Free Lyrics Finder will go through the list and download lyrics for every selected song.

Supply your music files with lyrics in just a few clicks with this smart and absolutely free lyrics downloader!

If you are not sure where to start, just visit the "Quick start" page for some basic instructions.

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