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Free Lyrics Finder can download lyrics for your songs in MP3, FLAC, APE, OGG, and other popular formats automatically. Just open the folder containing your songs, press Ctrl + A to select all songs and click the "Find lyrics" button on the toolbar. Free Lyrics Finder will look up lyrics for the selected songs using information from their tags or filenames.

At some point you may want to check if some song contains correct lyrics. Free Lyrics Finder includes a simple built-in audio player. To start playing a song, select it in the file list and click the "Play" button on the toolbar:

Player control buttons

Instead of the built-in player, you can use an external media player. Free Lyrics Finder uses the built-in player by default, so we will need to change the playback settings. Select "File" - "Settings":

Adjust settings

This will open the settings window of Free Lyrics Finder. There are several tabs, with the "General" tab selected.

Click on the "Playing settings" tab:

Playback Settings

We can see four options:

Path to custom player

To use a custom player, click the "..." button next to the path field and select the main executable file (.exe) of the player. Any commandline parameters are optional. If you are not sure what should be entered, just do not change anything in the path field manually.

For the Winamp option, the path to a Winamp folder should be selected or entered (only if it wasn't recognized automatically). Selecting the main executable file of Winamp is not necessary:

Path to Winamp

After selecting your preferred option, click "OK" to save the settings and close the window.

Now, when you click the "Play" button, the selected media player will start playing the selected song.

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