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Downloading And Saving MP3 Lyrics

Free Lyrics Finder can automatically download lyrics for files in popular audio formats: MP3, WMA, FLAC, etc. The lyrics downloader uses information from tags of the corresponding files. In particular, the title and artist fields are used. It is also possible to download lyrics for songs without tags (extracting information from filenames), but you can use Free Music Tag Finder to download missing tags, especially for files with non-descriptive filenames.

For our example, we will take MP3 as the most popular format for music. Let's download some MP3 lyrics.

Start Free Lyrics Finder.

No MP3 lyrics in the file

In the "Directory structure" area on the left, you can browse and select folders on your computer. In the main area at the center, files in the currently selected folder are displayed. On the right, there is a "Lyrics" area that shows lyrics for the currently selected file (if available).

So, let's select a folder with MP3 songs on the left.

In the center, files from the folder will be shown. Free Lyrics Finder uses color masks to highlight files with different properties. Songs without any tags are highlighted with red, songs with tags but without lyrics have white background, files with tags and lyrics are green.

To select all files, click some file and press Ctrl + A on your keyboard. Now click the "Find lyrics" button on the toolbar:

Find lyrics for the selected songs

Free Lyrics Finder starts searching lyrics on the internet, downloading and saving it to the selected songs.

Downloading MP3 lyrics

When the progress window disappears, our MP3 songs are processed with lyrics saved within ID3 tags (now our files are green):

MP3 lyrics downloaded successfully

ID3 lyrics is supported by all popular MP3 players, including hardware ones. Thus it is now possible to read lyrics while listening to the MP3 files virtually anywhere.

If necessary, you can enable or disabling saving ID3 tags in Unicode.

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