MediaPro Lab - Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and generally do not collect any sensitive information about you. This document describes in detail, which information is collected in every situation and how the collected information is used.

Site Visits

As you visit our site, your browser automatically provides some basic non-personal information, such as preferred languages, screen resolution, internet protocol address, browser type and version, operating system, referring page, search request (if coming from a search engine). This information is provided mainly for the purpose of customizing contents and optimizing performance for a particular request. It may be logged by our server along with information about visited pages and duration of each page view. The logged information can be used to track problems (downtimes, errors), prevent or stop malicious behavior (hacker or virus attacks), maintain and improve our services.

Uninstall Feedbacks

When you uninstall our program, it opens an uninstall feedback form in your default browser. All fields of the form are optional, you can fill out or leave blank any of them. If you do not want to send us any feedback, you can simply close the window without entering anything. If you decide to send us a feedback, just include as much information as you wish. You can leave the email field blank, but in such case we will not be able to send you a reply. Your email address will be used solely for the purpose of replying to your feedback. We do not distribute, sell or otherwise share email addresses and do not send spam.

Support Requests

If you have a suggestion for or a question about our program, you can contact us using the support form on our site. The support form includes a number of mandatory fields. The requested personal information includes only your name and email address. They are necessary solely for the purpose of addressing you and sending you a reply to your request. Further information is requested for the purpose of understanding and locating the problem you may describe.


The software represented on our site is free to use. It does not require any registration or entering any sensitive data. When you install our program, its setup program may contact our server. In this case, the name of the program that is being installed and your setup language are sent. Our server may log this information for the purpose of statistics. No sensitive or personally identifiable information is transferred.


We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy. The latest version of the document can always be found at .

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