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After downloading tags for your MP3, FLAC, and other songs with Free Music Tag Finder, you may want to check if the correct title and artist data were downloaded. If no other information is available, the only way to check would be listening to the songs. To start listening to an audio file, select it from the list and click the "Play" button on the toolbar of Free Music Tag Finder.

By default, the program uses the built-in player. However, you can change this and use any external audio player available on your computer.

To change the default settings, select "File" - "Settings":

File - Settings

This opens the settings window of the program. The "General" tab will be selected. Click the "Playing settings" tab to open it:

Playback settings

There are 4 available options:

Click "OK" to confirm your changes and close the settings window.

Now, if you select an audio file and click the "Play" button, the file will be opened in the selected player.

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