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Tagging Unknown MP3 Songs

Free Music Tag Finder can download missing tags for popular audio formats: MP3, WMA, FLAC, APE, M4A, etc. The program works with each file individually and does not depend on any existing information. So you can select a file with absolutely no tags, with a filename like track01, and Free Music Tag Finder will download basic information for the file (title, artist, cover).

Let's try it.

Start the program.

Unknown MP3 files

In the "Directory structure" area (on the left"), browse to the folder containing songs that you want to download MP3 tags for. Select the folder (click it with the mouse).

In the main area (on the right), contents of the folder will be displayed. You can download tag information for each file individually, or simply select all files and download ID3 tags for them at once.

To select all files, click on some file and press Ctrl + A on your keyboard.

Now click the "Find ID3 tags" button on the toolbar:

Find and download ID3 tags

Free Music Tag Finder starts analyzing your songs and requesting title and artist information from an internet server.

Looking up MP3 tags on the internet

You can minimize the window and let the program work in the background. However, downloading tags for just 20 files, like in our example, will not take much time.

Finally, the progress window disappears. Now our files are properly recognized.

MP3 tags were downloaded

To correct the downloaded MP3 tag information, just click a file in corresponding column and make necessary adjustments. Press "Enter" (or click on a different file) to save your corrections.

Free Music Tag Finder highlights files that have no tags with red. Songs that have tags are highlighted with green.

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